Bianca Muñiz: "For You"

Hey Bianca! How are you today? Please introduce yourself (name, current

location, music genre).

Hi! I’m good thank you for asking! My name is Bianca Muñiz,

I am currently in Brooklyn, NY and I like to call myself Avante-pop

We understand your story is unique & you’ve had quite the journey. Can you

elaborate how that’s impacted your music?

So I am currently battling cancer for the second time. This time it’s breast cancer. I feel like because of what I’m going through, I have a whole new perspective on life and even music. I’ve always felt connected to music, but now music has taken on a completely different role for me. I use it to channel all of the emotions and feelings that are going through me. It’s my therapy.

At what age did you realize you wanted to be a musician? Which bands and

artists were you, or are you currently influenced by? Have those influences

changed much as you’ve gotten older & had different experiences?

Hmmmm good question. Honestly there was never a doubt about it. My mom was a professional singer and my dad loves music, so I group up around a lot of music. I have been singing since I was a little girl, and my parents have always supported me. I was in choirs and musicals since the second grade and I started voice lessons at Lagond Music School in High School.

I grew up listening to pop, disco, and r&b because of my mom and then I get the jazz and classical influence from my dad. He would always play it in the car on our way to school.

My favorite bands of all time are definitely Radiohead and Little Dragon. My favorite artists right now are Lianne La Havas, Emily King, Becca Stevens, and Taylor Mcferrin.

My influences have definitely changed as I’ve gotten older. I went to college at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, and when I got there, I met people who basically gave me an entire list of artists to listen to. Being at a music school and being surrounded by other musicians really opened my ears to new things.

Tell us about your most recent release.

I do indeed! We are about to release our new music video and single off of our upcoming album. It’s called “For You.” Our release show/party is at The Bitter End at 7 pm!

Do you write all of your music? Who produces your tracks?

Yes I write all of my music. Jack Hoffman recorded and mixed our last EP, and our upcoming single.

Great Time Studios just recorded another song that is off of our upcoming album- stay tuned for more details about that one!

What do you enjoy most about your artistry? I.E. Creating music, the process, the

fame, the recognition, co-writing? Etc.

Hmmmm the creative process is amazing, but I think I enjoy everything finally coming together and showing people the outcome. It’s such an amazing feeling- putting in all the handwork and then getting onstage and having everything come together.

Do you let critics affect your music? Do you find it hard to focus on the positive

side of things, and if so – how do you keep yourself motivated to keep going?

When I first started out, it was so easy to let other people’s opinions affect me, which is why it took me so long to get my feet off the ground. Then I finally realize, you know what, who cares about what other people think, all that matters is that I love what I’m ding and staying true to myself. If they don’t like it, then that’s their loss. once I realized that, I was finally able to be happy and enjoy myself and my music.

What else does the year have in store for you?

I am so excited for this year! We have our single release tour in Montreal in October, we are recording the rest of the album in January and we are currently planning a Chicago tour for next summer!

Anything else you’d like us to know?

Hmmm….not that I can think of!

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me! :)

Please provide us with any/all social links where people can connect with you

and your music:



INSTAGRAM: bperformer

SNAPCHAT: bbeebeegurl11




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