Kiss Avery: "No Question"

My name is kiss AVERY and I live in Atlanta, GA. Everyone knows everything is all good in the south and everyone knows Atlanta got the music wave on lock. From many artists like the legendary Outkast to Gucci Mane, 6lack, Future, Migos, 21 Savage just to name a few.

I knew at the age of 7 I wanted to be someone big in the music industry. I can say the people that influenced me the most to begin with is Michael Jackson. I would daydream sometimes of being able to perform with the King of Pop. R. Kelly is another big influence when it comes to feeling and tonality towards singing. Being that I'm from Atlanta, GA I've always been influenced by the Hip Hop community no matter how much I was considered an "R&B singer". I was raised and trained classically since I was a child and sang in the choir at church, school, and outside of school as well. I was very skilled in my ability as a singer that I also performed as a member of the Atlanta Opera until I was 15. My mom grew up on rock and roll and alternative music so I feel like I'm a little rockstar as well! From Guns & Roses to Prince my mom had me hearing it all.

What I enjoy most about my artistry is really just the art itself. In my childhood I grew up in a time when it was weird or "not cool" to my peers to express yourself through music and even as a male singer. I was from time to time picked on because of my abilities to sing and called names for what I loved to do. I even was afraid to tell people my dreams because I was afraid I would be laughed at again so I always kept my gift as a secret. The way the art of music influences me and makes me feel is the reason why I do this in the first place because I want the next person to be inspired and influenced to follow their dreams in music and anything they out their mind to.

In my songwriting I freestyle all my songs in the beginning because I feel if I prewrite something to the beat I feel I'm limiting the artistic flow and not letting it actually flow naturally. The foundation of my songs are always about love, what it looks like, what it feels like, what it may sound like to me. It can be in the perspective of a man, but it's mostly in the perspective of the woman.

My new release "No Question" was made 2 years ago and finally hit the surface a couple months because I felt like it was ready to be heard. I always release my music with a feeling, I never rush anything or don't like to be or feel rushed. In the song Im basically talking to my recent lover and letting them know that everything is ok when you're with me there are no need for "questions".

So the producers name is Erick Bardales and I found him while searching beats on YouTube because well it's hard to find amazing beats nowadays and I haven't practiced making them myself because I'm focused on the recording and mixing aspect haha. So I haven't talked to him much about it while making it, I literally just emailed him and said hey man I like your beat and I want to buy it from you. So I did. And from there I started out freestyling from the beginning and over time I switched and changed some words around and "No Question" was born.

Well I have some things in the works as we speak and nothing is confirmed yet but I know you guys know about the annual A3C festival happening this year. Well I'll just leave it at that and see you guys at my next show which by the way if you want to book me for a performance you can email me at for all inquiries.

If I could I would love to perform with Michael Jackson or at least see him perform live. The new age artists of today I that I think would be amazing to perform with would have to be Lil Yachty or Drake.

I don't ever let critics affect my music because key words it's "my music" and the formula will stay the same. The ones who love my music and love me come to love me for who I am and that will always keep me on the straight path of progression to making sure I stay me and only me. We all struggle to being positive 100% all the time because it's impossible there's always two sides of everything. It's the ying and yang that's just life in a nutshell. But I know when it comes down to the simple factor of "you" that's what keeps me level headed and brings me back to elevating my senses and reaching higher than I could ever before. Know Yourself.

Social media is so important in this day and age because we're embarking in the future of technology. It's really an amazing thing because people are able to come out of the shadows and be who they are and exactly who they want to be!

To be honest I have no idea what's next, I leave that all to the Above and just trust the process and most importantly trust myself.

In the next 5 years I can say no matter what I'm wearing, no matter what car I'm driving, no matter what crib I'm in, I can see myself in 5 years with a smile on my face and that's all that matters to me.


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Snapchat: @kirko_bandz

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