Cody Jay releases new single, "Insane"

One of our artists, Cody Jay releases a new single after a couple months - and it's how do we say...."Insane." Cody explains his motivation behind writing the song, and how he feels about his growth as a producer over the years.

Check it what he has to say:

Hi Cody! Good to have you back. What can you tell us about your motivation behind the song?

With "Insane," I really wanted to create a track that felt....massive. As it progresses, my goal with the production was for the listener to feel like they were engulfed in the sound, with the elements surrounding them to bring them in. As I continue to produce, I feel like I continue to find my own sound while pushing myself to be innovative at the same time. I am truly enjoying the production process more than I ever have. It's hard doing everything by yourself but in the end, it's extremely rewarding.

What's the meaning behind the lyrics?

Similarly, the lyrical content was written to reflect the mood that the production is creating. It's the "tension" of the push & pull between wanting to something even though you know it's not the choice you should necessarily be making. Hence the hook line, "It drives me insane...but I like the pain."

Will there be a music video to go with this track?

Yes! The album artwork is actually a blend of a few shots from the video itself. I designed the artwork to sort of...foreshadow what's to come when the video releases sometime in the next few months.

Any plans for an album this year?

Definitely! I've been planning one for a while actually....I almost have the entire thing finished. There are a lot of songs I'm sitting on that haven't been released yet....and I'm really excited to get the ball rolling as 2017 comes to a close.








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