New Release: Heart of Glass Kid: "Mackie'

Mackie's process started at around 4:30am when I took a drive down to the beach.

HOGK: "I've been doing this thing where I stay up and watch the sun rise. It's really spiritual to me. As I watched the waves crash, they were setting a rhythm. Randomly, I started singing "Take Two". Immediately, I got back in my car and drove home, singing it enough that it would stick. Got back home around 6 and I wrote it down. When put to paper, the words reminded me of my big brother, Mackenzie, and all that he has done for me. I began to expand on it and recorded a draft. It was originally just an acapella, no instrumentation except the claps in the middle of the song.

Ultimately, "Mackie" is about the love of self.

I felt that I could really take it to another place if I made something to what I had already, so I began making a beat. When I was done finalizing everything, I knew what I had was something beautiful, that's why I felt the need to share it so quickly. I tried to make a rocking motion with everything on this song to resemble waves. The ocean is my biggest fear, yet it's where I go when I am afraid. I guess it's because I feel connected to it, a bond of brothers almost. It's why I think of Mackie whenever I go down to the beach, the bond I feel with him is the same I feel with the tides. That's an unbreakable bond too.

Ultimately, "Mackie" is about the love of self. Taking time to sit with yourself and express to yourself the worth that you have and the individuality you possess. I always doubt myself, regardless of how many people tell me how they think of me or how much they love me. And Mackie always reminds me in a very wise an introspective light, my worth and how my presence has an affect. That's why this song is so repetitive, to solidify the impact of what it all means. I want to always remember my worth and be aware that my story, even in its simplicity, is important.


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